Having A Wedding at The Old Hall Ely?

Thinking a having your wedding at The Old Hall Ely then read on…

These are my thoughts on this fantastic Cambridgeshire Wedding Venue. I should point out here that, other than having worked at the venue around 7 or 8 times as a Wedding Photographer, I have no other connection to the venue.

Ok, I need to say this right away – I LOVE shooting a Wedding at The Old Hall Ely

First and foremost,  it’s a stunning, superbly run and beautifully located venue on the outskirts of the historic Cathedral City of Ely. It  also happens to be just 3 miles from my house. What’s not to love!

Location and History

Quietly nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Cambridgeshire and easily missed from the adjacent A142, The Old Hall in Ely is a wedding venue that combines historic charm with breathtaking views. Overlooking the majestic Ely Cathedral, The Old Hall offers a unique blend of elegance, tranquility and super slick hospitality  making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a picturesque and memorable wedding day at a wedding venue the feels exclusive and remote while remaining easily accessible from all directions.

A View to Ely Cathedral across the fens from The Old Hall in Ely.

The Old Hall sits just a few miles from the centre of Ely, itself a historic city renowned for its stunning cathedral and charming riverside views and well worth a visit if you’ve not been, I like it so much I decided to stay…

Back to the venue, a family home that dates back to the early 18th century, The Old Hall has been meticulously restored to preserve its historic character while providing modern amenities ( balance it strikes perfectly) . The house sits on a slight hilltop (a hill by Cambridgeshire standard at least!) and offers dramatic vistas of the surrounding countryside, the standout feature being its panoramic views across to iconic Ely Cathedral, a spectacular backdrop for wedding photographs and one that couples always love.

Originally built as a private residence, The Old Hall has transitioned into one of the leading wedding venues in the region (see my 10 Outstanding wedding venues in Cambridgeshire feature for more). It still retains its historical essence, The architecture and beautifully manicured gardens exude an air of gentle sophistication and romance without any sense of excess “in your face”  opulence.

Key Features of a Wedding at The Old Hall Ely

The Old Hall boasts a variety of spaces that cater for all  aspects of a wedding day, from prep through to ripping up the dance floor they absolutely have your back.

The Cromwell Room

A Bridal party enjoying preparations in The Cromwell Room at The Old Hall, Ely.

A Bridal party enjoying preparations in The Cromwell Room at The Old Hall, Ely.

Named after Oliver Cromwell (who had a house in nearby Ely), this room is typically used as the venue’s “Honeymoon Suite” and is the premier “bridal prep” room at the venue.  Along with its tasteful decor, The Cromwell boasts a  fabulous for poster bed as the room’s centrepiece. Importantly, the room features long, low sitting windows on 2 sides of the room that flood the space with beams natural light. Believe me,  your make up artist, hairdresser and wedding photographer will all love you for this. The single best thing about The Cromwell room is the amount of space on offer. I have shot weddings here that have comfortably accommodated a bride, 4 bridesmaids, 2 Mothers, 2 make up artists and a videographer as well as myself and a couple of MUAs.  At other wedding venues in the area this would simply not possible but here, there is room for plenty of guests and suppliers to relax and work together to create a wonderful atmosphere in the morning leading up to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Spaces at The Old Hall Ely.

The Outdoor Option

The Outdoor ceremony space at The Old Hall in Ely.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dry day that’s is warm enough, the first choice option for your wedding ceremony at The Old Hall will be outside in the specially landscaped area around the gazebo. The beautifully paved area features angled rows of metal benched seating on either side of a central aisle leading up to the gazebo. The views from here are awesome with the surrounding fenland fields opening up to hug skies and the “ship of the fens”Ely Cathedral dominating the local horizon.

A Bridal party enjoying preparations in The Cromwell Room at The Old Hall, Ely.

A Bridal party enjoying preparations in The Cromwell Room at The Old Hall, Ely.

At the start of the ceremony the bridal procession begins at the houses, leading down the stairs to begin the walk to the aisle. Having this walk allows the bride and guests having ample opportunity to take in the moment while the wedding photographer (and videographer) have the time and space to capture everything as the moment you’ve been waiting for since getting engaged, finally becomes a reality.

The Orangery Option

A wedding ceremony in The Orangery at The Old Hall Ely.

The Orangery is a bright and airy space, characterised by its large glass windows and doors that open onto the gardens. This is the room where ceremonies take place on days where the weather is not so pleasant but it is but no means a compromise, many couples actually opt for  The Orangery at The Old Hall as their first choice option. The room is drowned in light offering stunning views of the meticulously landscaped grounds and Ely Cathedral in the distance. The Orangery’s light and inviting atmosphere make it a versatile space that can be beautifully decorated to match any wedding theme.

Its connection to the gardens also allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor activities, perfect for summer weddings. On days where the outdoor space is used for ceremonies, The Orangery is the ideal place for drinks and canopees and some time out of the sun.

Wedding Receptions in The Marquee

Wedding speeches in the marquee at The Old Hall Ely, Wedding Venue in Cambridgeshire

The Old Hall’s Marquee is where the wedding breakfast and evening part of the wedding day will take place. Situated adjoining the Orangery,, the Marquee can accommodate a large number of guests, making it perfect for grand celebrations. The structure can be customised with various decorations, lighting, and seating arrangements to create a unique and personal wedding experience. The Marquee’s location ensures that guests continue enjoy the stunning views and the beauty of the surrounding countryside, with the typical layout meaning the top table has the backdrop of the countryside behind them as goes enjoy the wedding speeches.

Wedding Speeches in the marquee at The Old Hall, Ely.

Wedding Speeches in the marquee at The Old Hall, Ely.

As the day moves into evening the marquee has a little trick up its sleeve. Unbeknown to the guests, unless you’re familiar with weddings at the old hall, there is a curtain that hides a “secret” area adjacent to the marquee. A separate dance floor area including a stage for live music or DJ’s is “revealed” to the guests as the newlyweds perform their first dance. Guests or then encourage onto the floor for the evening party to begin.

Photography of a Wedding at The Old Hall in Ely

Bride & Groom at The Old Hall in Ely.

I feel blessed as a Wedding Photographer based in Ely, I regularly get to shoot at this awesome venue. As well as the cracking features around the venue that are used throughout the day, the grounds and surroundings are perfect for couple portraits. One of the great things about being a wedding photographer at The Old Hall is that there always seems to be new areas to explore or new angles or compositions that can be used in the photos dues to the variety of the environment and how it changes throughout the seasons. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn here and each season really does offer something different photographically.

Every time I work a Wedding at The Old Hall Ely,  I always manage to get a portrait that looks different to anything I have shot at the venue before (as well as knowing there are certain spots I should always return to as the couples rightly love them). Go to spots around the venue  include:  the front of the house, the rabbit sculpture, the immaculately manicured hedges at the front of the house and the lake at the back with the grand, wide views across the fens.

A Couple during golden hour at The Old Hall Ely

One other stand out feature is that during the “golden hour” the light here is spellbinding. I often suggest to my couples holding back with some of the couple photos until the last hour of light in the day as the sunsets here provide exquisite light an beautiful warm tones.

Any Wedding at The Old Hall Ely will live long in the memory…

In summary, The Old Hall in Ely stands out as a wedding venue due to its combination of historical charm, beautiful architecture, and stunning views, fabulous light and versatile spaces.

With all of that said, one thing I didn’t mention was the service. I have worked at Wedding Venues throughout the UK but nowhere surpasses The Old Hall for attentiveness from the staff as well as ruthless efficiency. Everything runs like clockwork while the staff always have a smile on their face and a keen to ensure everyone has the best time, both guests and other wedding vendors.

If you decide to book a Wedding at The Old Hall Ely you certainly won’t regret it.

Here are some of my favourite moments  captured during Wedding at The Old Hall Ely.

Top Wedding Venues in Cambridgeshire Old Hall Ely

Father seeing the bride for the first time at The Old Hall Ely.

A Page boy carrying a Ring Security case before the ceremony at The Old Hall in Ely

Emotional Bride & Bridesmaid at The Old Hall Wedding in Ely

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