5 Reasons to have a photographer at a small wedding

2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone and the wedding industry is no different. We all continue to hope for a return to “normal” in 2021 but many weddings could now be smaller, more intimate occasions than originally planned. Reducing the scale and number of guests for your wedding may be a choice, or a necessity, but it will by no means affect how amazing your wedding day is going to be. The question is – if you are scaling down do you still need a wedding photographer?

Here are my 5 reasons why you definitely do need to have a photographer at a small wedding……

A couple toast each other at their small and intimate wedding in St Albans. 5 Great reasons to have a photographer at a small wedding.

1. The size of wedding is not a reflection of it’s importance.

Your wedding day is one of THE biggest days of your life and (as I can testify) not investing in your wedding photography is something you’ll probably later regret.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Treating your wedding any differently because of size would be to suggest that it somehow loses importance because there will be less people with you, of course it doesn’t.

Something that works well at small weddings is to request an “unplugged ceremony”. People closest to you will be happy to respect your wishes, put their phones away and be completely present in the occasion knowing the photos will be taken care of by a professional.

Wedding ceremony at Cambridge Registry Office

2. Share you wedding memories with those who couldn’t be there with you.

Just because you can’t invite all of your friends and family doesn’t mean that they won’t want to see your photos.

Those friends and family members that were not at the wedding are still going to want to share in the celebration and hear all about your wedding, but if you don’t have photos that captured all of the details of the day then you will have nothing to share with them other than your memories and a random collection of phone photos of varying quality.

A professional will structure the photos in a way that visually tells the story from start to finish. What better way to share the feelings, emotions and mood of the day than with great images creatively captured and thoughtfully presented.

Bride and groom walking away from area at Cambridgeshire home wedding

3. Memories and emotions are the same, no matter how many people are with you.

Until you have experienced it, it is hard to comprehend just how intensely emotional your big day will be and how quickly it will pass by. Your wedding will be filled with some of the most exciting moments you will ever experience, and the emotions and memories that made that day will last in your heart for a lifetime; but when the day has passed these are simply memories that will fade. How would you like to hold onto and share those memories in years to come?

In order to share those special times with future generations you need them preserved through photographs. Those moments will happen regardless of how many people are in attendance, and you want to remember them in the best way you can.

Bride and Groom sunset portrait in Tinos, Greece.

4. You’ll be able to get beautiful portraits.

Smaller weddings allow more time for the Bride and Groom to be a little self indulgent, and so you should be – it’s your wedding day! Saving time on circulating endlessly with dozens of guests will free up time for you as a couple. Catch your breathe, relax and let your photographer capture some stunning portraits of you together and in love on the biggest day of your life. When else would you ever have these kind of photos together?

If your want show-stopping images that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall, a professional photographer will have the skills to capture gorgeous portraits that are not only natural and relaxed, but artistic, creative, and beautifully lit.

Arrival of Bride & Groom at informal Barn Wedding in Cambridge

5. You can relax and enjoy the day without distractions.

Whether you have chosen to have a smaller wedding or you’ve changed your plans to fit with the current situation, chances are that you’ll be relieved that you haven’t got all the stress of planning a big wedding. Make the most of the situation.

One of the main reasons people choose me as their wedding photographer is to ensure that the right images are captured and nothing special is missed. Would you want to put that kind of pressure on your guests and have to worry about all day about what photos you’ll have to look back on?

Shooting weddings is what I do.  I know how weddings work and how to anticipate when things will happen; both the big and the small. Having a photographer that blends in seamlessly with a small group is vital not only to get great natural shots but it also means everyone can get on with enjoying the day.

Let that huge stressor go and hire someone you are confident in. I promise you’ll never regret it!

Choosing the right photographer

When considering having a photographer at a small wedding It’s vitally important to choose someone that you really feel you connect with and that will get along with the group as a whole.

The photographer needs to have the perfect balance of being inconspicuous when appropriate but also being at the heart of the action at the right moments. Many of my couples have kindly commented that I have this skill and you can see a video testimonial to this effect

I’ve shot lots of smaller weddings and always feel privileged to play such an important role at such an intimate occasion. All of the images used in this article a from weddings with 50 guests or less.

If your planning a small wedding and looking for a relaxed photographer to document your day I would love to hear from you.

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5 Great Reasons to have a photographer at a small wedding by Damien Vickers