A Morden Hall Wedding

As we experience an Indian summer in the UK, the warmth of September wrapped around every corner of this magical Morden Hall wedding in London. I had the pleasure of capturing the love story of Lauren and Simon. A hidden gem in the south-west of the capital, this historic venue proved to be a picture-perfect setting for their special day.

Morden Hall Wedding Venue

A hidden gem London offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historic charm. The Grade II listed building dates back to the 18th century and has undergone meticulous restoration, preserving its grandeur while providing modern amenities for weddings. Surrounded by 125 acres of picturesque parkland, Morden Hall is an oasis of tranquility, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking an intimate and enchanting wedding experience.

Morden Hall Wedding: Bridal Preparations

The day began in the opulent bridal suite, a room bathed in natural light with large windows that framed the lush greenery outside. The spacious room provided a serene atmosphere for Lauren and her bridesmaids to prepare for the ceremony. The antique furnishings and delicate decor added a touch of vintage elegance, setting the stage for the forthcoming wedding celebrations.

As a wedding photographer, the bride’s preparations are a treasure trove of emotions and candid moments. The expansive room at Morden Hall Park allowed me to capture intimate shots of Lauren getting ready, surrounded by her closest friends and family. The soft colour palette of the room enhanced the glow on the bride’s face, creating a timeless and enchanting ambiance.

Morden Hall Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place in the Willow Room, a charming space that seamlessly blends the historic charm of Morden Hall with modern amenities. Large windows framed the breathtaking views of the surrounding park, providing a natural backdrop that added an ethereal touch to the ceremony.

A particularly nice touch at Morden Hall is that the grand staircase is a feature of the room and the wedding ceremony.  The bridal entrance to the ceremony begins on the stairs, offering a tantalising glimpse of the bride and she comes down the stairs and guest see her wedding gown for the first time.

The warm September sunlight streamed through the windows, casting a romantic glow as Lauren and Simon as they exchanged their vows. The Willow Room’s intimate setting created an atmosphere of love and togetherness, making it a truly magical space for the couple to begin their journey as Mr. and Mrs.

Morden Hall Park Wedding Breakfast in the Mulberry Room

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed the sunshine with drinks on the lawn before proceeding to the Mulberry Room for the wedding breakfast.

The Mulberry Room exudes sophistication with its high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and classic decor. The tables were adorned with floral arrangements that complemented the natural beauty of the park outside bring the outside in to create a sense of flow.

The venue boasts a team of talented chefs who crafted a menu that delighted the senses. From delectable appetisers to the mouthwatering main course of steak and chips – a wedding breakfast first for me!

Wedding Photography at Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall expansive grounds provided a captivating canvas for capturing the couple’s love story. The landscaped gardens, serene pathway to the bridge feature, and tree lined open spaces offered a plethora of breathtaking backdrops. The backdrop of the beautiful white building complimented by the greenery of the foliage was beautifully simple and elegant.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the golden hour bathed the park in a warm, soft glow, creating a magical atmosphere. The footbridge over the River Wandle and the romantic pathways along the water’s edge became an obvious choice for capturing the couple’s stolen glances and tender moments. My approach to couple portraiture is to keep the interaction between couple and photographer very natural and authentic. Simply walking, talking and holding each other closely is enough in surroundings like these to create timeless, elegant and beautiful Bride and Groom photos.

A bit about Morden Hall Wedding Venue.

Morden Hall’s rich history adds a layer of depth and character to the wedding experience. Originally built in the 1770s, the hall served various purposes over the years, including being a country estate and a military hospital during World War I. Its transformation into a wedding venue has allowed couples to step into a timeless space that seamlessly blends history with contemporary elegance.

What makes Morden Hall a standout choice for couples seeking a unique wedding venue is its commitment to preserving its heritage while providing a luxurious and comfortable environment for celebrations. The attentive staff, breathtaking surroundings, and historic charm make it a place where time seems to slow down, exactly what you want on a day that flies by!

In conclusion, capturing Lauren and Simon’s magical Morden Hall Wedding was a joy from start to finish. The venue’s seamless blend of historic elegance, modern amenities, and natural beauty created an enchanting backdrop for their special day. From the bridal preparations to the heartfelt ceremony and the celebratory wedding breakfast, Morden Hall  proved to be a treasure trove of moments waiting to be immortalised in photographs. It’s a place where every corner tells a story, and love blooms in the embrace of nature and history.

I’m Damien, I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2017 and have over 150 weddings experience. You can view more of what I do here