Simply Sublime Kew Gardens Wedding

Rika and Alex’s Fusion Kew Gardens Wedding

As a wedding photographer in London and the south east A Kew Gardens wedding has been on my “Must Do” list for some time. I recently had the honour of capturing the vibrant union of Rika and Alex—a couple whose love seamlessly blended Bengali, Japanese, and English cultures in a sublime wedding at Kew Gardens. This awesome September wedding was a captivating fusion of traditions that created unforgettable moments throughout the day.

From the light and airy spaces of the Nash Conservatory to the humid and tropical climate of the Prince of Wales conservatory,  this Kew Gardens wedding had multiple locations as diverse as the themes running throughout this wonderfully colourful celebration.

Kicking off a wonderful wedding at Kew Gardens

The day commenced at the Coach and Horses Hotel, a charming locale in close proximity to Kew Gardens. Against the backdrop of anticipation, Rika and Alex, adorned in their respective traditional wedding costumes, embarked on a day that would weave together the threads of their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Upon arriving at the picturesque Kew Gardens, the couple shared a poignant “first look” moment—a breathtaking encounter where they beheld each other in their cultural attire for the first time. The air was charged with excitement and love as they prepared to embark on their journey as a married couple. I felt so honoured to be there capturing it all on camera.

Wedding at Kew Gardens in the Nash Conservatory

The exquisite ceremony unfolded in the Nash Conservatory, a masterpiece of glass and iron designed by John Nash. Bathed in sunlight, this botanical haven provided a magical setting for Rika and Alex’s vows. The Nash Conservatory’s delicate architecture and abundant natural light created an ethereal atmosphere, perfectly encapsulating the essence of their union and creating a warmth that was in tune with the late summer weather of the day.

Drinks and Canapés in the Prince of Wales Conservatory

The Kew Gardens wedding celebrations continued in the Prince of Wales Conservatory—an enchanting venue for the drinks reception. Surrounded by exotic plants, this conservatory provided a splendid setting for guests to savour drinks and delectable canapés, fostering an immersive experience in the heart of nature. I was only able to stay in the conservatory for short periods as the humidity began to affect my Nikon Z6i camera and lenses!

Capturing Moments Amidst Nature’s Splendor

No Kew Gardens wedding would be complete without an opportunity to explore the fantastic surroundings. As the photographer, I, along with the couple, explored the gardens in a buggy driven by a friendly staff member called Jean who had extensive knowledge of Kew Gardens history and it’s array of wildlife.

We seized the opportunity to capture timeless moments at the Bamboo Garden, Japanese Minka House, the scenic Lake Crossing, the awe-inspiring Temperate House (both inside and out), the iconic Palm House (featuring a lake shot and interior shots), and the ethereal Waterlily House.

An Evening of Elegance at the Orangery

For the evening reception, we ventured to the historic Orangery, where a sumptuous meal was complemented by a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Emotional speeches resonated through the venue, weaving together heartfelt anecdotes and cultural reflections. The evening concluded with a uplifting first dance followed by a spirited “dance-off” that united the groomsmen and bridal party in celebration.

Kew Gardens Wedding: A Botanical Wonderland and Premier Wedding Venue

Kew Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts a rich history and unparalleled beauty. Situated in southwest London, this botanical haven is home to diverse plant collections, iconic glasshouses, and scenic landscapes. As a wedding venue, Kew Gardens provides a fairy-tale setting with its unique conservatories, expansive lawns, and historic structures, making it an ideal backdrop for couples seeking a truly magical celebration.

In conclusion, Rika and Alex’s wedding at Kew Gardens was a harmonious blend of cultures, love, and natural beauty. The venue’s charm, coupled with the couple’s unique journey, created a tapestry of memories that will be cherished for generations—a testament to the timeless allure of love that transcends cultural boundaries.

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