5 Great Reasons To Have Your Wedding in Cambridge

There can be few more inspiring and beautiful cities to tie the knot in the UK than having your wedding in Cambridge. The historic University City provides a stunning and elegant backdrop to any celebration, and the city has a vibe all of its own. Relaxed, tranquil and sophisticated. Cambridge also manages to be both traditional progressive at the same time. 

If you are planning on having your wedding in Cambridge you may be wondering what your options are. As someone born and raised in Cambridge, I know this wonderful city inside-out. Here are my 10 reasons to have your wedding in Cambridge.

Wedding ceremony at Emmanuel College Wedding in Cambridge

1. Variety of choices for your wedding venue.

Whether it’s a traditional church wedding, a chic, city hotel wedding, a small and intimate relaxed celebration, or a country house vibe your looking for;  Cambridge, and the surrounding area really does cater for it all.

The city has a range of beautiful 4 star hotels including The Graduate, a central hotel on the banks of the River Cam, The Hilton which is right in the heart of Cambridge’s vibrant shopping area, The University Arms with it’s stunning location on Parker’s Piece or The Varsity Hotel and Spa with it’s amazing rooftop bar and views across the city. For a more intimate Wedding, the registry office on Shire Hill, is a short walk from the backs of the city which is a fab place to explore and get some incredible couple photos – it’s also close to lots of Cambridge’s best pubs and restaurants.

If you want something with more a country feel then you don’t need to venture far, the surrounding rural area and villages offer a range of stunning venues including grand manor houses and rustic farm venues. For more on these venue options I have another post on my 10 favourite Cambridgeshire wedding venues.

Finally, if you have a connection, or are alumni of any of Cambridge’s 31 colleges then you may be lucky enough to have your wedding at one of the amazing college buildings which many use as wedding venues.

Wedding in Cambridge at Westminster College Cambridge Wedding Venue

2. A stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.

I know that being a Cambridge wedding photographer myself,  I am biased, but Cambridge really is an amazing wedding photographer’s playground. Wherever you turn there is somewhere in you eye line that makes for a great backdrop to a photograph. Whether it is be the gritty textures of the ancient brickwork, the colour of the stone, or amazing grand gates and archways. These fabulous textures are often beautifully complimented by the lush greenery that is everywhere you look in Cambridge and essential to the City’s unique qualities. You can simply go for a 10 minute walk and be completely spoiled for choice of spots to capture beautiful couple images.

Elegant summer Wedding at Longstowe Hall in Cambridge

3. The weather.

Did you know that Cambridge regularly records the highest UK temperatures in the summer?

Researchers have found it is the second-hottest place in the country after London during the summer months.

With an average summer temperature of 22.1 degrees over the last 10 years, Cambridge beats rival university city Oxford to second place by 0.1 per cent.

Cambridge is one of the driest places in the UK with East Anglia recording less rainfall than any other region in the UK. 

So, If it’s really important to give yourselves the best odds of getting good weather on your wedding day, then having your wedding in Cambridge will give your chances of good weather a significant boost.

Bride and Groom at Longstowe Hall Wedding Venue in Cambridge

4 Cambridge is a city in the countryside

One of the things that make Cambridge unique as a city and as a location for a wedding, is the mix of town and country. If you’re planning your wedding and are torn between the idea of a vibrant city location or the more tranquil feel on the countryside; then having your wedding in Cambridge really is the perfect balance. Cambridge is a bustling, vibrant city, but because of it’s gentle feel it never feels claustrophobic or excessively busy. The large green spaces and gentle river interspersed with busy hotels, bars and restaurants make it almost impossible not to slow down and catch your breath.

There is nothing rushed about Cambridge, the feel is very much suited to taking in the surroundings, slowing down, thinking and existing in the moment. There is a good reason why some of history’s greatest minds and thinkers have resided here after all!.

Bride and groom sharing a glass of champagne on board a punt along the river cam during their wedding in Cambridge.

5. Cambridge is a wonderful place to visit.

Whether it’s your first visit or your home town, there’s always something to discover in Cambridge. Of course, the first thing everyone thinks of  first, is the iconic University. Cambridge University consists of 31 colleges which make up around half of the city centre’s architecture.  Often, however, people are surprised by how much else the City has to offer. You can go for a gentle punt along the river Cam, either by yourself, or with one of Cambridge’s excellent tour guides. Stop off for a drink in one of the many popular pubs along the banks of the River Cam.

A walk along “The Backs” provides iconic views across to some of Cambridge’s most well known colleges (including the view of Kings College Chapel). If your feeling lazy then you can simply chill out on one of Cambridge’s beautiful green spaces, Jesus Green, Midsummer Common or Parker’s Piece, where the rules of Football were first created. Cambridge also offers an huge variety of pubs and restaurants with cuisine from all over the world to rival any modern city.

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