Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Answers To Your Questions

What is your style of wedding photography?

Photojournalism with a love of beautiful portraits. For most of the day you’ll barely notice me,  I like to blend in with the guests or fade into the background so people forget I’m there! I’m not afraid to get up close and personal for the killer shots, cheeky winks, a solitary tear or the moment your bridesmaid nearly chokes on her drink with laughter.

I always take 30 minutes of the day to be alone with my bride and groom to capture some beautiful portraits, usually when the light is soft and golden.

Other than that I just go with the natural flow of the day!

Why did you choose Wedding Photography?

3 simple reasons. I love photography, I love people, I love parties. #dreamjob

We love the idea of portraits but not sure we’ll be comfortable posing?

Not many people are – you haven’t met my wife!  I try to keep things as natural as possible using natural soft light and natural surroundings. I have techniques that help you to relax and be yourself on camera. If your having a wonderful day it will show on the photos!

Do you do traditional posed shots?

Other than the bride & groom portraits I take a limited number of group photos. I keep this to around half a dozen or so (around 20 minutes) to stop the guests getting too bored. I ask that somebody in the wedding party is nominated to gather people together to help run things a smoothly as possible. I always do the “whole group” shot first.

Do we get all the photos you take?

I take a lot of photos of your wedding! You can trust me to put together a set of highlights that document the day in the most comprehensive way possible. Every image is edited with real care and attention and treated as an individual piece of art.

How many photos will we get?

For all day coverage you can normally expect between 350 and 400 images in a mixture of colour and black & white.

How do you provide the photos to us?

I use a website called “Pixieset” you will be provided with an exclusive PIN number to access your images and then you can download and do whatever you wish with them!

How long will we have to wait receive all of the photos?

Depending on the time of year – between 2-4 weeks.

Will we see any before then?

Yes, I’ll put a couple of sneak peeks on either my blog or instagram page.

Can we share your photos on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter/ Pinterest?

Yes please, as long as you acknowledge me with a hashtag!

Can we buy prints?

Yes, as soon as the collection is ready to view you can order prints, it’s really easy and the quality is amazing.

What about a wedding album?

Yes. I don’t normally talk about albums until after the wedding as you’ll want to see your photos first to get an idea of which ones you’d like to use and how many. I design the layout and send a proof for you to review before processing. The company I use is Folio Albums who share many of my values.

We love your work but we’re on a budget?

Thank you. If you message me I’ll be happy to discuss individual options if your budget is a priority.

What if you’re ill on the day?

I rarely am, and even if I am it will take something very serious or a major personal crisis for me not to be there. I have back up photographers who I would pass you onto. Failing that you would receive a full refund and £250.00 compensation.

Are you insured?

Yes I am fully insured.

What’s the next step?

It’s really up to you. If you live near to me we can meet for a drink and discuss your day. I’m happy to chat on the phone or we can Skype or FaceTime. If you wish you can book me now and we can fine tune the details later on!

I charge a 25% deposit (non-refundable) to secure the date, The balance is then due 14 days before your wedding day. Simple as that!