Anstey Hall Wedding | Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Es & Lindsay’s Springtime Cambridge Wedding.

As A Cambridge Wedding Photographer I love nothing more than the opportunity to shoot a wedding at one on the many beautiful venues in an around my home town. Anstey Hall sits on the outskirts of Cambridge and is a venue that offers both grandeur and rural charm.

The couple, Esmeralda and Lindsay, two American brides who met while Esmeralda was serving for the US airforce during the Iraq war. Their story was so interesting that a film crew were present to record their day. The resulting documentary can be viewed here Four Weddings Documentary

By far the most popular guest on the day was George. George was not only the best man and the couple’s pet Bedlington Terrier!

This really was a wedding full of love and immense fun. Es is a member of a Rugby team and her teammates were determined to make sure everyone had an amazing party!

Cambridge Wedding at Anstey Hall

Cambridge Wedding at Anstey Hall

A Bride Gets her dress ready for her wedding at Anstey Hall, Cambridge

Wonderful Cambridge Wedding at Anstey Hall