Surprise Wedding in the Suffolk Countryside | Camilla & Andrew

Camilla & Andrew stun guests with their surprise wedding!

When I was approached by a couple to cover a christening that would turn into a surprise wedding I was really excited if not a little anxious about the prospect – there were numerous ways in which the secret could have been uncovered but as it happened the event turned into a truly amazing and emotional occasion!

On a warm springtime Sunday morning Andrew & Camilla had invited their nearest and dearest to attend the Christening of their baby daughter Violet. What the guests didn’t know was that as the Vicar was performing his sermon at the end of the Christening, Camilla had disappeared to a broom cupboard at the back of the church to change into her Wedding dress!

Surprise Wedding

As the vicar spoke his last few words the organist began to play as the bride emerged at the back of the church. Stunned guests turned their heads upon realising they were about to witness something really special!