Live music rocks – 10 reasons to have a live wedding band.

With some light emerging at the end of the long dark tunnel that has been 2020, we now finally have the prospect of a return to something like a normal life again sometime in 2021. So, we can begin to look forward again to wonderful celebrations and parties at weddings that will be more heartfelt and joyous than in a very long time.

I make no secret of the fact that aside from my love of photography, one of my biggest passions in life is live music. It therefore stands to reason that I would ALWAYS recommend choosing to have live music on your wedding day. My experience as a photographer at numerous weddings over that last few years has only reinforced my view.

Here are my top 10 reasons to have a live wedding band.

Wedding band's lead singer blasting out a vocal at Huntsmill Farm

1. Energy

The raw energy, power and excitement created by the sound of a banging live performance  is something that is not only impossible to recreate with recorded music, but it’s also something that most of us don’t experience as often as we hear recorded music. It feels up close and personal and makes the occasion feel more special. When partying people experience the joy of live music they hit the dance floor with passion and real enthusiasm.

2. Connection

With a live band, it’s not just tunes, it’s a performance, by other living breathing souls. The connection between musicians and audience makes people want to get up and dance. Your wedding guests will be much more willing to get up and boogie when they can see live musician putting their all into a preformance rather than a guy hidden by dry ice and a sound system.

Groom's Nan joins the band onstage at wedding reception in Cambridge

Groom’s Nan enjoys live band “The Mighty Macca” at a wedding in Cambridge

3. Atmosphere

There is no denying that live music brings energy and emotion to a room that even DJs have admitted are beyond compare.  A DJ at a club in Ibiza with 500 sun-kissed party goers is one thing, but at at wedding, even if a DJ is amazing at track selection and great at mixing they rarely compare with live musicians.

If you want to finish your wedding day on a high then choosing a great live act will create the perfect atmosphere. Think of it as the headline act at the end of your own once in a lifetime one day festival.

4. Personal touch

A live band can add a really personal feel to your reception. Not only will a band often be more prepared to compile and perform a more personalised setlist – they can also put a twist on songs that you love and perform different interpretations or arrangements.  This can allow you to choose songs that might otherwise have not been in keeping with the feel of your wedding day. Remember it’s your day and there’s nothing wrong while showing your guests a lot about you and your musical tastes.

A singer of wedding band performing.

5. A soundtrack to the day

You may find that some musicians are be happy to perform during other parts of your wedding too. This is usually much cheaper than hiring separate acts.  Lots of bands can be flexible so you could opt to just have vocalists or a slimmed down (un-plugged) version of the full band. Having musicians performing earlier in the day, such as during the ceremony or drinks reception can add a sense of familiarity later on or build anticipation for the evening performance.

6. You can be original

Think about your first dance too.  Do you want it to be exactly the same as thousands of other couples dancing to that same pre-recorded bloody Ed Sheeran song or that one about loving you for 1000 years?  Wouldn’t you rather it was not only a song that means something really special to you as a couple? A unique interpretation, a one off performance for your day and just for the two of you?

Wedding guests partying on the dancefloor at Cambridge wedding

7. No awkward second song

This is really important too – I’ve seen so many DJs kill the dance floor after the first dance and the floor completely empties. A bride left dancing with her bridesmaids whilst trying to mask her obvious disappointment that everyone has headed straight back to the bar!

People react to people and I’ve seen it time after time, wedding guests are much more likely to continue throwing shapes if the music is coming from a live band.

8. Encompassing

Why do people go to live gigs instead of staying home and listening to the radio in their PJs? Performance.  A live band make music come to life and turn it into an experience for many senses, not just your ears.

Even those that can’t or won’t dance can enjoy the experience of listening to and watching live musicians. Think about it –  I bet you’ve watched live music from the comfort of your armchair but would you sit and watch a DJ for a couple of hours?

Most DJs won’t have the same level of showmanship or entertainment value as a live band.

10 Reasons to have a live wedding band

9. Lasting impact

Why are you going through all that trouble of planning your wedding down to the last beautiful detail if not to make it an incredibly memorable finale for you and everyone you love?

If you really want your wedding to have a lasting impact, instead of sweating the small stuff like place cards and favours, why not put more care into something as big as the music?

Are you and your loved ones more likely to remember the table centrepieces or the amazing time everyone had, arm in arm, belting out “Mr Brightside” together at the end of the night?

10. It’s Unifying

A live band can have a massive impact on a party. Hearing your favourite music being performed live, by real musicians who are as passionate about the songs as you, is an incredible and really unifying experience. That feeling you have at the end of a great gig, the shared experience. What better way could there be to round off a day off your wedding day than everyone on the dancefloor with hands in the air singing along to Mr Brightside.

Guests dance to a live band at a wedding in Cambridgeshire

In Summary

Having everyone feeling great at your wedding is the ultimate way to ensure you both have the best time too. Really good performers create a real connection with guests, the warmth and energy of an awesome live band will have everyone ending the night buzzing and who doesn’t want that for their wedding?

Capturing guests enjoying live music with my photography is one of the most fun parts of my amazing job. If you would like to get a feel for my style then please have a look around the rest of my site.