Susie & Andy’s Maternity Photography shoot. Cambridge Photography.

Maternity Photography shoot with just days to go…..

An idea continuing to grow popularity is pregnancy or maternity photography. This can mean many things. The Mum taking selfies of her pregnancy to share on social media, to the more elaborate studio shoots with professional lighting, props and poses.

As with all of my photography, I take a natural approach. My primary objective is always to capture people’s emotions in the most natural way possible. As a result I can produce stunning images that will preserve those memories forever.

When preparing for the birth of their third child, Susie and Andy decided to mark the occasion by having a photoshoot in the final few days of Susie’s pregnancy. It wasn’t something that they had ever considered before the birth of their two other children – Oliver and Milly. They were, however, delighted with the results and extremely thankful.

Susie looked absolutely gorgeous, glowing with health and happiness a beautiful time in a woman’s life that isn’t documented enough.

Natural Lighting….

To keep the pictures as natural as possible we agreed on an outdoor shoot. A late Autumn afternoon, around an hour before sunset – perfect conditions for beautiful, soft golden light. The venue chosen was the Hotel Felix in Cambridge, it’s a familiar location for me (I’ve done photography for the venue) but more importantly, it’s very significant to Susie & Andy – it’s where they hosted their Wedding in 2010.

The opportunity to capture these images was a real privilege. As the shoot progressed, the couple fondly reminisced about their wedding day while also anticipating their imminent arrival.

Interestingly for me, the couple’s Wedding photographer was none other than Ross Harvey a big, big name in photography circles and widely considered one of the world’s greatest contemporary Wedding photographers! – I’m hoping some of his magic has rubbed off on me!!

I’m pleased to say that baby Isaac was born just over a week after the shoot, on 6th November 2015.

A pregnant lady and her husband embrace.

A Maternity photoshoot at Hotel Felix in Cambridge.

A man and his gorgeous pregnant wife Susie.

A very fox Mim to be poses with her husband during a Maternity photoshoot.

A lovely couple pose for some maternity photography at Hotel Felix in Cambridge.

Maternity photography couple in Cambridge.

Cambridge Maternity Photography.

A beautiful Mum to be looks lovingly at her bump.

Parents to be share a special moment during a maternity photoshoot in Cambridge.

A beautiful pregnant lady and her husband during a maternity photoshoot in Cambridge.

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