My 10 Must Have Wedding Photos

I’m sure you’ve come across one of the many lists out there of classic “Must Have” wedding photos. I won’t list them here, but I do always aim to capture them, as all good wedding photographers should – they’re really important after all. What about the other shots though, the ones that really capture the true essence of you and your guest’s personalities?  The atmosphere of your wedding? Those real one off moments that tell your wedding story?

Here I offer my 10 must have Wedding Photos.

1) The Mischievous Child.

Giggling boy on the alter during his parents wedding service

Everyone loves a cute photo of kids at weddings right? Mmmm maybe, but in my experience people love a picture of a kid being a bit naughty even more. Children are unpredictable, unruly, energetic and don’t care much for tradition and formality. So for me the best images are those of kids being kids.

2) The Second Dance.

Sophie & Dom's First Dance - Cambridge Wedding Photographer

It is really important to capture the first dance at your wedding. It’s a moment you have been building up to for a long time; choosing that special song or maybe even rehearsing a routine during the weeks leading up to your big day. It is however, quite often the second dance where couples properly let their hair down and become themselves on the dance floor. The pressure is off, you’re not being watched by all of your guests – the formalities of the day are done and you can relax, now it really is party time!

3) A Piece of Cake.

Brides cutting the cake at their Cambridge Wedding at Anstey Hall

I wonder how many wedding photos there are on the planet of couples holding a knife together, looking to camera ready to cut their wedding cake? There must be millions. I find that if I continue to fire my camera’s shutter for a few extra moments after the cake has been cut, I often capture some fun and natural “cake cutting” shots that show much more personality than the traditional posed photo. (Venue: Anstey Hall, Cambridge)

4) The Belly Laugh.

Wedding guest roaring with laughter during speeches - 10 alternative Must have wedding photos.

All the best weddings are full of belly laughs throughout the day. In my experience as a wedding photography there is no better time to capture this that during the wedding speeches. If the speeches are great you guests will be so engrossed in what is being said they’ll be completely unaware of the photographer and 100% themselves and in the moment.

5) The Dance Floor Champion.

Groom owning the dance floor at Cambridge Farm Wedding.

Time on the dance floor at a wedding is often the pinnacle of the day’s celebrations and rightly so. Sadly, It is often overlooked by many wedding photographers who leave just as things are hotting up. I love to get amongst it, there is so much fun and energy and everyone is in party mode.  There is always that one person who owns the floor (or think they do). You know who they are don’t you? Don’t worry – I’ll capture the evidence.

6) The “I can’t believe they went there!” Moment.

Bride and groom laughing with embarrassment during a wedding speech

A classic shot to capture during the speeches is the emotional parent shedding a tear at a cherished memory or the bride welling up at thoughts of missed loved ones. These are beautiful moments to capture of course and I always do.  Often however, these moments are contrasted by hilarious anecdotes and moments of embarrassment to the bride or groom – usually to the amusement of everyone else present. For me these shots can capture a unique display of tenderness and connection between couples.

7) The Big Personalities.

A daughter looks embarrassed by her dancing mother during a wedding reception in Cambridge

You have chosen your wedding guests carefully because they are the most loved and important people in your world. Within pretty much all wedding parties there are always the big characters. Bringing through peoples personalities in photography is at the core of what I do and I am always drawn to people who are full of life and oozing with charisma.

8) The Wedding Vow Mishaps.

Bride and groom giggling during vows at Kent Wedding

Your wedding ceremony is probably the part of the day that you’re most nervous about. All your guests hanging on your every word. What if I slip up? What if it doesn’t go as planned? Spoiler alert – the wedding vows almost never go completely to plan and every couple get nervous. The secret here is not to stress too much beforehand, go with the flow and embrace whatever happens. Not only will you be able to enjoy your preparations so much more if you’re relaxed about the ceremony, but if the ring doesn’t quite fit, you mispronounce a word or get a fit of the giggles then everyone will just love you that little bit more. (Venue: Castle Cooling Barn)

9) The Emotional Groom

An emotion groom wipes away a tear as he sees his bride for the first time

Anyone who knows me will know I wear my heart on my sleeve. On my wedding day a cried more times than I can remember. Weddings are really beautiful, emotionally charged celebrations of everything that is important to us. Even those who always appear completely together emotionally can lose it at a wedding. It really resonates with me when I see a groom get caught right up in the emotion of the occasion and it presents the opportunity to produce some really touching images.

10) The Unconventional Portrait.

Bride and groom kissing with graffiti behind at London Wedding

Nobody loves a stunning image of the bride and groom in natural surroundings during the “Golden Hour” more I do – I’ll always aim get an epic sunset portrait of the newlywed couple at every wedding I shoot because I unashamedly love them. However, I equally enjoy shooting couple portraits in unusual settings, if the opportunity arrises – especially if there is lots of colour and texture. Many of my couples describe themselves as quirky, left-field or non-traditional and these type portraits are a great way to reflect this.


Of course these alternative must have wedding photos are just some my ideas but they are a great example of how you can compliment the “go to” wedding shots with some natural moments and something a little bit different to visually tell the story of your day.

I shoot alternative and modern weddings for fun loving and non-traditional couples all over the UK and beyond. If you’d like to see more of my work and style the please have a look around my site.

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10 Alternative Must Have Wedding Photos by Damien Vickers Photography 2020.