Super Cool Festival Wedding In Cambridgeshire’ fens.

I’m finding that home weddings are really growing in popularity. If you have lived in the same place for your whole life then a wedding at home is a beautiful way to close the circle and end one chapter to begin a new one. Chloe’s Dad and the rest of her family had worked tirelessly on their fenland farm to ensure that this festival Wedding in Cambridge would be an amazing success, and it was.

Humanist Celebration

Over 150 guests attended the wedding as a whole, many of whom enjoyed an emotionally charged humanist ceremony conducted by the amazing Cambridge based Katie the celebrant and accompanied by an awesome live band.

A huge marquee hosted the reception that was themed around all of the important places the couple had been together on their travels together with the cake being the summit of Mont Blanc where Alec had popped the question.

For the couple’s photos we explored the farm grounds and while and the bride and groom caught their breath; I found a couple of ¬†amazing spots to compose and shoot some “Wow moment” portraits, the meadow in particular made for a stunning backdrop.

Festival Wedding in Cambridge

By the time we had shot the portraits the band were ready and the guests were pumped on tequila and ready to party the night away! As well as live musicians throughout the day a mini campsite had been set up in the adjoining field complete with signposts and bunting to add to the festival feel.

I returned the next morning for the ultimate send off. A number of guests had camped over in festival style tipis in the field to see the Father of the bride pilot a private plane to whisk the couple way on honeymoon from their own private runway on the farm! A fitting end for an epic wedding. If your planning a wedding why not get in touch here

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Weddings at home are becoming increasingly popular and I can definitely see why. If you have the space (as our lucky bride did here) it’s an awesome way to personalise your wedding experience You can do things exactly the way you want to do them, you’ll also have extra time for all of the preparations without being constrained by the restrictions of a venue that may have weddings taking place in the days closely before and after your big day.

I’ve shot a few home weddings in recent times and look forward to doing more of them, I am particularly a fan of a Humanist ceremony – see my blog post on this for more information Humanist Weddings and why I love them.

From a photographer’s perspective I love outdoor weddings! I’m a huge lover or the great outdoors and regularly have camping trips with the family and attend music festivals so the vibe at this festival wedding in Cambridge was just a perfect fit for my personality and vibrant photography style. I like to keep my photographs a natural as possible with minimal use of flash or any kind of setting up photographic equipment that might infringe on the flow of the wedding day celebrations.

I keep my camera bag light with just a small number of prime lenses. The 35mm allows me to get nice and close in with my subjects and the 85mm is perfect for those bride and groom portrait shots.

If you’re thinking of having a home wedding or simply after a photographer to capture a wedding with a rustic. outdoor bohemian feel then you should definitely get in touch. I would love to feature on the bill at your festival wedding.